This little Darwin clings on to his Mate

Sadly, this little fellow became orphaned when tree fellers east of Melbourne failed to notice a mother and joey koala.The tiny koala named "Darwin" was only 2 months old, weighed only 250 grams and no bigger than his fluffy toy companion, miraculously survived the fall but his mother was not so fortunate.

'Koalas are actually incredibly maternal and the mothers will often manage to fall in a way that protects their babies over themselves,' said koala expert Colleen Wood from the Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter in Rawson, who has nursed the little boy around the clock for the past two months.

The good news is that, against all odds, this little fellow has made it through the early stages of his rescue thanks to being cared for and fed every 4 hours by Colleen. "Darwin" was so young that his stomach had not yet developed the enzymes to breakdown eucalyptus leaves to enable him to eat his natural diet.

What a little champion and completely gorgeous. Darwin will continue to enjoy his padded tree fork stand, heated to the temperature of his mother's pouch. He will most likely be paired up with another adult female to help him socialise.

For the whole story please visit The "Daily Mail" Online.

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